Our Mission

Right Time
Right Place

Our Mission Is to ensure that you are
getting the very best from your
advertising campaigns by
seamlessly connecting you to local
customers, at the right time and in
the right place.

Advertising Just Got Real

With 5 years research in to issues within the Advertising Sector, we have created a platform that
will give you an uncompromising connection to your customer base. The way you look at
advertising will never be the same again!


Street Advertisements

A continuous rolling loop of adverts played on
screens attached to taxi head rests. Your 10
second advert will be played a minimum of 48
times over an 8-hour day shift or an 8-hour night
shift, We have also worked out an equation that
every taxi customer will see your advert.

Zone Advertisements

An imaginary cloud that hangs over places of
interest, these will be over train stations,
hospitals or shopping centers for example. When
the taxi enters into a Zone cloud your advert will
be played, so every taxi with our system in will
see your deals that you want to promote.

Local Clouds Advertisements

Like the Zone cloud but instead of hanging over
places of interest it hangs over the whole town
or city, so when an out of area taxi enters into
your town, it will play your adverts. This is a
tremendous way of attracting new customers
from out of town.

You’re in total control

Your Back

Our easy to use design tool will
allow you to breathe life in to your
advertising by putting you in full
control – all for just £1.00 per

Be the First. Get Ahead of the Rest


We have a limited number of spaces available for our test phase within the BD and RM
post codes. Get in touch today to see how you can receive over £6000.00 worth of
advertising as a thank you for taking part in our test phase.

During our test phase we will upload your advertisement to 10 of our taxis and this will be played a minimum of 480 times per
day. To secure your place on our test phase we will only need to take a 25% deposit of £130.00 (usually £520.00) with the
remaining balance due when the service goes live in September.

Partner With Us

We offer you a campaign that is tailored to you
and your potential customers

Drive With Us

Contact us today to see how you can earn up to £1248.00 per year!

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